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Smart Cities Marketplace
24 May 2022

Smart Cities Marketplace Forum - Day 2 WELCOME & OPENING KEYNOTE

Eero Keynote Day 2

EERO AILIO - Adviser to Director, Directorate B, DG Energy · European Commission

Eero Ailio emphasised the need for cities to be involved in the energy transition. We have to rethink how cities are working, break down silos and engage in green procurement, for example, by using an integrated approach. Such an approach needs a skilled workforce and budget. That is why we should take a closer look at financing issues for the energy transition. As part of the Cities Mission Call, there is funding support for 100 cities serving as role models. An integrated approach means to involve ICT, mobility, energy use reduction, energy efficiency of buildings. Before changing heating systems from fossil to renewable sources, we need ensure a high energy efficiency of buildings. European cities and governments need to commit to a just and clean transition - smart cities are going to expand this role as a partner and facilitator. This will push us toward the implementation of the Green Deal.

Watch the recording here