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05 January 2021

First Italian Renewable Energy Community created by the end of 2020

logo CER Italia

Before Christmas 2020, the City of Magliano Alpi, Piedmont, created in compliance with the European RED-II Directive (adopted by the Italian Government on February 28th, 2020) the first Italian Renewable Energy Community (REC).

The REC is an entity with legal nature, which, in accordance with the applicable national law, is based on open and voluntary participation. It is autonomous and effectively controlled by shareholders and members that are located in the proximity of the renewable energy projects which are owned and developed by that legal entity. The shareholders and members assemble from SMEs, local authorities, including the Municipality of Magliano Alpi.

The primary purpose of the REC is to provide environmental, economic or social community benefits for its shareholders or members or for the local areas where it operates, rather than to achieve financial profits.

The objectives of the REC are the following:
•    the design, creation and management of other RECs in the territory of the City of Magliano Alpi
•    cooperation with national and international public and private entities
•    to act as the catalyst for the “smart city”
•    to support neighboring cities in the process of energy transition
•    the research on RECs, including cooperation with Academic institutions
•    energy planning
•    offer services to citizens for energy management
•    international cooperation
•    communication in the form of workshops and events´

The President of the REC is Mr. Marco Bailo, Mayor of the City of Magliano Alpi. Mr. Sergio Olivero, Leader of the “Deep Retrofitting Initiative” of the Smart Cities Marketplace, is the President of the Scientific Committee. 

More information about Magliano Alpi’s Renewable Energy Community here (in Italian).