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28 November 2017

SET Field Test - An open call for 5 European cities to field test CitizenCity SET Social Engagement Toolkit

SET Field Test - An open call for 5 European cities to field test CitizenCity SET Social Engagement Toolkit

5 European cities to field test CitizenCity SET in early 2018. 

CitizenCity has been active in the last 24 months with many interventions around Europe in many sectors. These activities include design workshops this year in London and Milan, with support from Sharing Cities. We now have a clear purpose, plans and a prototype solution.

The goal of SET is to drive the success of city programs by enabling cities to better engage with their citizens. SET enables cities by serving as a bridge between useful information into a useable resource.

The next phase of development is to move SET into market for early demonstration. These actions will involve different dimensions of the intersection between a smart city and a smart citizen. SET Field Test is one of these actions. This will demonstrate value of SET and give CitizenCity feedback from cities (as users). 

SET Field Test 

The CitizenCity team will work with each city for about 6 months in early 2018 to implement SET around a project. This will be a mix of remote desk work and on-site engagements. By implementing SET, cities will adopt a framework to manage citizen engagement needs and resources. Actual tools will also be selected and implemented. 

We want SET to become an important resource for city municipalities. We will be working with you to understand how a solutions like SET can be better. 

SET Field Test - engagement overview
1)    Preliminary information will be collected in advance for preparation.
2)    A multi-day onsite ‘deep-dive’ into the project and city. A preliminary SET solution will be co-created.
3)    CitizenCity team will then refine this plan and select engagement tools that fit that specific city and project. 
4)    The final SET findings will be delivered in another workshop. 
5)    Ongoing support will ensure engagement tools are successfully impliments.

The details of CitizenCity engagement with each city can adapt to fit specific needs and budget. 

Benefit to cities

Many cities want to do better at citizen engagement. We help give you a better understanding of your social engagement needs and deliver tools to fit your needs. SET Field Test will give cities a boost in citizen engagement capacity. In addition the ability to better manage, track and make improvements.

The final deliverable will be a framework to manage citizen engagement and a series of engagement tools that are supported with implementation.

Application and selection

Official applications will open Dec 1, 2018. Interested cities are encouraged to contact us and specifically before application. A number of cities have already indicated interest and started dialog so please contact us now. 

The profile of the cities selected will depend greatly on the mix of cities that apply. Our primary objective in the selection is to ensure the most learning happens with the right mix of similar or different cities. 

Next step

Get informed 
A series of information webinars are planned for November - December 2017. These will give background on SET as a solution and SET Field Test. 

Get in contact 
Get in contact with us to start direct conversation to express your interest and start dialog.

Save the dates 
Call open : Nov 25, 2017
Call closed : Jan 10, 2018
Period of engagement : 4-6 months
Schedule : First half 2018

John Zib, CitizenCity,, +49 176 8634922


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