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24 November 2017

CitizenCity SETs course with Calls & Webinars

CitizenCity SETs course with Calls & Webinars

Purpose into action 

The goal of SET is to drive the success of city programs by enabling cities to better engage with their citizens. SET enables cities by serving as a bridge between useful information into a useable resource.

CitizenCity had many interventions around Europe in the last 12 months, including successful design workshops in London and Milan with the support from Sharing Cities. 

The next phase of development is to move SET into market for early demonstration. These actions will involve different dimensions of the intersection between a smart city and a smart citizen. This early market engagements will run first half of 2018, leading to another series of design workshops. The actions planned are specifically intended to connect with SCC1, H2020, Light House and broader EU Smart City markets on the work in citizen engagement. 

An overview of upcoming actions...

  • Launch 3 new calls to engage with SET. Each call represents a different approach of tools are used in real conditions. 
  • A series of informational webinars will be offered in support interest in the calls and collaboration with CitizenCity. 

3 Unique Calls

CitzenCity will open different calls to engage with different segments of the user-tool landscape. In the SET Field Test call, we are looking at how cities use SET as a tool. SET is being designed for cities, so it’s important to get this early feedback. The SET Energy Retrofit call looks at leading EU cities practice on citizen engagement in the Energy Retrofit sector. We are looking how to build a useable information ecosystem with this silo. SET Participatory Budgeting call collects practices of citizen engagement on participatory budgeting. This will help understanding on what makes a specific tool fit a specific city situation.


These three calls will help CitizenCity gather learning through experience. Providing early value and testing in the EU Smart City markets and working towards building a solution that is scalable and sustainable. 

1 - SET Field Test 
Open call for City Projects to Field Test SET (5 projects to be selected)

CitizenCity is introducing the prototype SET solution to cities as a resource for building social engagement capacities that will drive project success. CitizenCity will look for cities in Europe, preferably part of an EC funded project, that would like to field test SET over the first half of 2018. Informational webinars in Nov-Dec 2017 will cover SET and this field testing.

CitizenCity will engage with your project staff and materials via remote interventions and onsite workshops. The city will receive a co-created framework to manage and guide social engagement. A selection of tools will be chosen and implementation supported.

 This field testing will contribute to CitizenCity’s understanding of how a city is actually using SET as a solution. SET is being designed for cities, so it’s important to get this user feedback early.

SET Field Test

  • Open call to field test SET, with 5 cities selected.
  • CitizenCity team directly engages over several months to build social engagement capacity and implement SET and select tools. 
  • Scale of project and range of interactions are flexible. 
  • The decision for cities will be made in early Jan. 

SET Energy Retrofit
Closed call for Social Engagement use cases in Energy Retrofit (9 selected projects)

CitizenCity will collect case studies of citizen engagement practices from leading EU energy retrofit projects. This campaign is in partnership with Paul Cartuyvels, chair of Sustainable Districts and Built Environment. 

This call will collect case study learning from a target list of cities. The goal is to develop learning on citizen engagement in the energy retrofit into a solution for that domain. Creating common solutions from collective experiences. This has real potential as a resource for this domain and significance as a pilot.  

SET Participatory Budget
Open call for Participatory Budgeting (open until further notice)

CitizenCity will collect case studies of participatory budgeting with the support of the new Participatory Budgeting initiative of the EIP-SCC and Mariangelo Secchi of EMPATIA.

This open call will collecting learning from city projects around Europe. The goal is to understand how the context of the project affects the successful implementation of participatory budgeting. This should collect enough learning to help cities select the best citizen engagement approach for their city and situation.

20 Info Webinars

John Zib, lead for CitizenCity, will repeat an informational presentation to explain SET and expected interaction and deliverables from the calls. The purpose is to give interested projects the information needed to make decision on becoming involved. To accommodate scheduling these will be offered at different times of the day and week in Nov and Dec 2017. 

We are aiming for small groups to allow for more conversation. While the primary purpose is for cities interested in field testing, we welcome others wanting more information. Note that attendance to these sessions will require a small homework in advance.

Contact: John Zib, CitizenCity,, +49 176 8634922