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Smart Cities Marketplace
05 April 2023

How European cities are turning the energy crisis into an opportunity to drive Europe towards a climate-neutral and just future

Covenant of Mayors Conference

The 2023 Covenant of Mayors Conference showcases how local leaders are carrying out the EU’s objectives of energy sovereignty and climate neutrality, and what they need to continue leading the way.

On March 30, the 2023 Covenant of Mayors Conference brought together high-level representatives of EU institutions including the Smart Cities Marketplace and Mayors from cities across Europe. The exchange highlighted how cities’ response to the energy crisis is setting an example for Europe’s long-term efforts in matters of energy and climate, and how the EU and cities can work hand in hand to reach common objectives.  

The Covenant of Mayors 2023 Conference gave the floor to nine mayors to showcase what their cities are doing faced with the two big crises of today: the energy and climate crises. Despite the grim circumstances, the event left the audience feeling energized and inspired. The speakers showed us that, when we put our minds to it, in difficult times, we can transform a dire situation into an opportunity for change. And that is exactly what cities in Europe have done.