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23 July 2018

The latest EIP-SCC Newsletter has arrived!

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2018 EIP-SCC General Assembly Report

The  2018 EIP-SCC General Assembly, 27 - 28 June in Sofia, Bulgaria, provided a unique opportunity for smart city actors to meet, network, learn, shape views, develop plans, exchange best practices, present projects, find partners, and stimulate discussions that all go to help achieve the ambitions of the EIP-SCC Marketplace, to facilitate €1 billion worth of smart city project investments in 300 European cities by 2020.

Scale, Acceleration, Impact, through an Integrated Approach, Common Solutions and Collaboration continue to be keywords that shape and underpin EIP-SCC activities.

The theme that set the course for the General Assembly 2018 was: “EXPLORE, SHAPE, DEAL”, seeking to stimulate and speed a funnel of smart city projects to realization. DOWNLOAD THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY 2018 REPORT


Making the case for a bold new investment programme for European cities

The Action Cluster Chairs and Marketplace of the EIP-SCC have produced a comprehensive new paper focused on the urgent need for innovative business models and fresh sources of finance to ensure more European municipalities realise the transformative potential of smart cities. READ MORE


Investors, industry, cities and project promoters match at the EUSEW 2018

The EIP-SCC Marketplace participated at the EU Sustainable Energy Week, the annual flagship event uniting policy makers, authorities, industry, stakeholders, NGOs, researchers and academia in the European sustainable energy sector. The EIP-SCC hosted a stand at the event, at which visitors were introduced to the Matchmaking platform set up to engage cities and financiers. Interested visitors were also guided to join the Marketplace community through participation in the Action Clusters and Initiatives. READ MORE


Hamburg joins Urban Air Mobility initiative

As one of the first cities, Hamburg is being welcomed to the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Initiative of the European Innovation Partnership for Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC). This makes the region an official demonstrator region for the implementation of civilian usage of drone and other urban air mobility technologies, addressing existing and new mobility needs in view of improving the life of its citizens. READ MORE



Mobility in the 3rd dimension - Ingolstadt region pioneering mobility solutions for inter-urban connectivity

The experts agree: Anyone wanting to plan the future of urban transport needs to find new pathways. The use of airspace, the "3rd dimension", is one of them. Air mobility (e.g.flying vehicles), as a means of transport, may provide a new, effective form of mobility. READ MORE


The Intelligent Mobility for Energy Transition

While urban mobility faces challenges such as the dependency on fossil fuels, a growing car park and unsustainable pollution and noise, the urban energy system needs to deal with a growing energy consumption and the difficulty of integrating renewable energy sources. 



Three ways Murcia, Spain is serving as a smart model

The region of Murcia along Spain’s Costa Cálida is known for its balmy weather, boasting over 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, as well as picture-perfect beaches that double as open-air spas. The university city of Murcia-and region’s capital—is home to nearly 440,000 inhabitants and is slowly gaining a reputation as more than a resort locale. READ MORE


Open Integrated Governance – Survey by Smartcitipate Horizon 2020

Smarticipate Horizon 2020 has developed a survey on open integrated governance as a part of the e-government project. The aim of the survey is to provide input and support for DG Connect Open Governance Initiatives.





30 August
Innovative Mobility Solutions Webinar 

10-12 September
Mobility Forum Eurocities
Burgas, Bulgaria

17-21 September
ITS World Congress 
Copenhagen, Denmark

19-21 September
CIVITAS Forum Conference 
Umeå, Sweden    


25-27 September
Nordic Edge Expo and Conference
Stavanger, Norway 

9-12 October
European Week of Regions and Cities    Brussels, Belgium

05-06 November
Global Forum 2018: Shaping the Future 
Copenhagen, Denmark 

13-15 November
Smart City Expo World Congress
Barcelona, Spain 

View Full Calendar of Events


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