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Smart Cities Marketplace

Smart Cities Marketplace - Small Giants "Kick-on" Meeting

a photo of a quiet shopping street

On 13 March 2024, from 11-12:00 CET, leaders and changemakers from small and medium-sized cities are invited to participate in the ‘Kick-on’ meeting of the "Small Giants" as a Focus Group of the European Commission’s Smart Cities Marketplace. 

Recognizing the critical role that smaller cities play in achieving broader climate objectives, this Focus Group seeks to address the unique challenges these communities face. Under the leadership of Trevor Gibson, participants will explore a variety of themes including the circular economy, mobility, and other areas of common interest, with the goal of developing practical, scalable solutions.

The meeting represents a prime opportunity for participants to shape the Focus Group's work program over the next 18 months, which will seek to support a wider rollout in towns and medium sized cities  .

Participation is open to all who are willing to contribute their ideas and insights through a series of online workshops, with potential for in-person events to further enrich the collaboration.

You can register for both the Kick-on Meeting and/or the Focus Group itself below. 

(note, this meeting was originally scheduled for 21 February)

Type of event

13 March 2024 11:00-12:00
Online only event