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Partner Event: SPARCS Webinar - E-mobility Solutions for PEDs

SPARCS City Forum

Join SPARCS for a transformative webinar on electric mobility solutions for Positive Energy Districts. The event, inspired by the learnings and insights from the SPARCS brings to light the initiatives from the Lighthouse City of Espoo, Finland.

As cities across Europe aim to achieve climate and carbon neutrality in the coming decades, the urgency of adopting sustainable urban travel practices cannot be underestimated. Mobility is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, and therefore, innovative solutions are critical to mitigate the impact.

The webinar aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the solutions demonstrated in the SPARCS project, and initiate a lively discussion about their potential applications and replication in different contexts.

Type of event

4 April 2024 11:00-13:00
Online only event