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NEUTRALPATH - Citizen and Stakeholder Engagement for PCEDs and climate neutrality workshop

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On 04 October, NEUTRALPATH’s first thematic workshop will be hosted in Zaragoza and will be dedicated to Citizen and Stakeholder Engagement for PCEDs and climate neutrality. 

During the workshop, distinguished speakers from ongoing EU-funded PED projects such as oPEN Lab and Atelier will share their experiences and learnings, while representatives from NetZeroCities will provide insights from the Mission Cities' work on the topic.

NEUTRALPATH contributes to EU 100 Climate Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030 Mission. It aims at paving the way towards climate-neutral cities by developing positive and clean-energy districts (PCEDs) and co-designing efficient, climate-friendly solutions.

The EU project involves five cities. Dresden (Germany) and Zaragoza (Spain) act as frontrunners in the implementation of their PCEDs, while Istanbul (Turkey), Ghent (Belgium), and Vantaa (Finland) follow their examples acting as fellow cities.

Find out more about NEUTRALPATH on the project website:


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4 October 2023 14:30-17:30