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Smart Cities Marketplace
18 May 2022

Smart Cities Marketplace Forum 2022 - Parallel Session 3 Innovative technologies for cities

Parallel Session 3 Forum 2022

Part 2 By the European Innovation Council 

Watch the recording here. 

Speakers & Summary

The session focused on participants sharing their unique experiences with different areas relevant to innovation ecosystems in cities. The presentations shared dealt with: 

Rudi Rooth - Project Manager · City of Amsterdam

Natalia Tomiyama - Managing Director · NÜWIEL GmbH

Stefaan De Wildeman - Director · BP4NOW

Matteo Andreoletti - Head of Infrastructure Equity, Europe and N America · Patrizia AG


Natalia Tomiyama - Managing Director NÜWIEL GmbH 

NÜWIEL is a last mile provider based in Hamburg with an electric e-trailer that can be connected to any bike. Having won/been awarded a grant as part of the EIC Accelerator, the company now works with cities and businesses throughout, mainly North-Western Europe. They offer mobility solutions and support logistics for both companies (IKEA, Belgian Post etc.) and municipalities. The company today employs 39 and is engaging in regulatory challenges (safety questions) in European Fora. Finally, all cities were urged to reach out to test their trailers. 

Stefaan De Wildeman - Director · BP4NOW 

He presented what B4Plastics is doing, working to make bioplastics and avoid microplastics in the world. Including biodegradable plastic straws that are biodegradable under controlled conditions. The company has also received funding from the EIC and has developed several biodegradable plastics types, including a biodegradable rubber, that could decrease miro-plastics. 

The input ended with a suggestion to “Reduce. Refuse. Rethink.” 

Matteo Andreoletti - Head of Infrastructure Equity, Europe and N America · Patrizia AG

Regarding Building Communities and Sustainable Futures, the company considers the digital layer fundamental for the future market and pointed to some key enablers, such as 5G, IoT devices, Big Data Insights etc.

The physical and digital layers are both, if not simple, then at least manageable when viewed as stand-alone. However, it becomes complicated when those solutions in the digital realm have to interact with the physical layer, and that’s where the real value comes in. 

Mr Andreoletti emphasised the importance of “thinking big”, as even local problems should be solved in ways that can support solving issues elsewhere. These solutions can then be upscaled. Finally, dialogue between cities and investors was mentioned as key. 

Rudi Rooth - Project Manager · City of Amsterdam 

The City of Amsterdam has several ambitious plans, including an energy transition roadmap and a circular strategy. A key aspect has also been connecting the social side with their plans for sustainability. 

One key implementation in Amsterdam is their work for the Amsterdam Smart City and platforms providing specific innovative solutions for/by citizens, and another providing climate loans. Their ambition level remains high, and some challenges to be solved in the future include better utilisation of waste heat and increased possibility for grid operators to plan ahead. Finally, the city works to create Positive Energy Grids with the EU Project Atelier.