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18 February 2021

Smart Cities Marketplace and Covenant of Mayors offer Masterclass to help shape smart city projects

As part of its project shaping activities, the Smart Cities Marketplace is now offering a Masterclass in developing a good smart city strategy. Aim of this format is to provide guidance to the development of climate neutral and smart cities strategies and projects, from the ‘vision‘ stage until replication and upscaling.

The Masterclass will focus on the bankability of the projects by proving relevant insights and expertise from different stakeholders including investors. It offers insights on European smart city good practices, allowing you to explore which approach might fit best your plans or projects. It will also provide the ground for the individual development of a city strategy or a project concept with the support of the Marketplace matchmaking team.

For the next Masterclass taking place on March 18th and April 15th, the Smart Cities Marketplace joins forces with the Covenant of Mayors Office. Both bodies share the common objectives to advise and support cities to access financing opportunities to ensure sustainable solutions for climate and energy actions.

Who should attend

The masterclass will be upon invitation and targeted to representatives of city administrations and smart city project developers. It will be highly interactive and each participant’s smart city project (portfolio) will play a central role in group work. Participants will be requested to provide information on their project before the masterclass starts. This will ensure that participants can learn as much from each other as from the presenters.

The organisers of the masterclass will do an online intake interview of around 20 minutes with each participant prior to the masterclass to get a better understanding of their local situation, context of the plan and ambitions.

Why join?

  • Get insights on good practices in developing a smart city project
  • Get access to the Marketplace community of experts to help shape your smart city project and get it ready for financing
  • Special focus on integrated planning and implementation, the aspects of cross-domain collaboration with, and buy-in of, a multitude of actors, the deployment of a long-term perspective on the built environment, and the early inclusion of financial aspects in your development of plans.
  • Hear from other cities how to create a ‘smart city vision’ and plans
  • Learn how to address financial aspects when preparing your plans and where to find the right information
  • Work on a concept note and present it in a small group

How does it work?

The masterclass will take place online on MS Teams, and will combine presentations with virtual breakout groups to discuss subject matter in small groups and report back in plenary. The programme will be spread across two full days combined with a study/work period between the two dates.

As a participant you will be asked to prepare and develop some information on your plans as part of the course homework. You will receive preparatory information in advance of the masterclass, so that you can get to know their fellow participants and familiarise with the Smart City Guidance Package and other materials. The work done in between the two sessions will be assessed by experts before the second course day.

Important note:

Participants must be proficient in English. Joining the Masterclass, you agree to participate in both sessions.


The next dates for the 2-day-Masterclass are 18th of March and 15th of April 2021. Are you interested or do you have any questions? Please send an email to and to