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30 January 2017

Green Digital Charter publishes case studies developed by GDC signatory cities in the fields of buildings, energy, transport and e-participation

Green Digital Charter published a catalogue with case studies and projects at the inception phase prepared by the GDC signatories within the framework of their ICT for energy efficiency-related commitments. The case studies are implemented actions associated with green digital development, while the project’ include planned actions in key policy domains.

The studies are presented in the following categories:

  • Cross-domain: green digital activities that cut across two or more application areas
  • Buildings: measures taken in municipal buildings and facilities, tertiary (non-municipal) buildings and facilities as well as residential buildings
  • Energy: measures relating to energy and electricity production and distribution
  • Transport: soft (non-motorised) modes, public and motorised private transportation, mobility management, and logistics and freight
  • E-participation: green digital activities supporting citizen engagement by making city decisions accessible in open data format and by developing tools for mapping locations of environmental or social value

Each city profile includes relevant web links and contact information to help you plan and organise your own study tour.

Read the publication here.