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12 January 2021

EIT Urban Mobility launches its first MOOC


The EIT Urban Mobility launched its first MOOC, beginning the series of the online courses with a module about designing the cycling city. The focus is set on designing environments that cater to the needs of cyclists while considering the different contexts in every city and region. Alongside physical infrastructure, the participants will learn to package and sell the idea of cycling for transport in their city.

The five-week course is directed by Lior Steinberg, Co-founder of the organisation HumanKind, and Micromobility Researcher George Liu. Both are strong cycling activists and recognised academics. HumanKind is a Competence Hub that puts the spotlight on sustainable urban planning and on tactical urbanism.

During the single modules, the participants will explore the best practices in bicycle infrastructure design and how to bring these elements to their own city and regional context. It also includes a final design project that enables participants to develop a plan for transforming the street of their choice.