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Smart Cities Marketplace
24 January 2022

Smart Cities Marketplace Masterclass

Smart Cities Marketplace Matchmaking

As part of its project shaping activities, the Marketplace is now offering a Masterclass in developing a good smart city strategy which will sustain your work beyond the first experiments and pilots and form the resilient backbone of future projects. Special focus will be on integrated planning and implementation, the aspects of cross-domain collaboration with and buy in of a multitude of actors, the deployment of a long-term perspective on the built environment, and the early inclusion of financial aspects in your development of plans

To join the Masterclass, write an email to:


About the Masterclasses

The classes are highly interactive and each participant’s smart city project (portfolio) will play a central role in group work. Participants provide information on their project before the masterclass starts to allow an engaging dialogue between the wide range of experts taking part. 

Each participant will receive preparatory information in advance of the masterclass so that you can get to know their fellow participants and familiarise themselves with the Smart City Guidance Package and other materials


Learning objectives

By the end of the masterclass, you will be able to answer the following questions among others:

  • WHAT is integrated planning and management of smart city projects and how does it help to prepare plans in a better way?
  • HOW to develop a smart city strategy and who to involve?
  • WHAT role can cities play to support the adoption of smart city solutions?
  • WHAT are suitable models for financing and funding of projects?


Do you want to take part in a future Masterclass on new topics? Write an email to with the title ‘Masterclass’ to begin the process. Do include if you seek a Masterclass on a specific topic, such as ‘mobility’ ‘PED’, ‘Urban data’ or a suggestion of your choice.