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01 December 2021

UN-Habitat Smart Cities Playbooks

UN Habitat

UN-Habitat recently launched a series of people-centred smart cities playbooks. They are intended to serve as practical guides for cities, regions and other organisations wanting to take a people-centred approach to smart city development. These are the first three in a series, with additional playbooks planned for the first half of 2022.  


Centering People in Smart Cities

Assessing the Digital Divide

Addressing the Digital Divide


The playbooks are organised around five key pillars of people-centred smart cities, as outlined in the overarching framework Centering People in Smart Cities: A playbook for regional and local governments - Community, Digital Equity, Infrastructure, Security & Capacity. They are intended as practical guides for cities, regions and other organizations that want to take a people-centered approach to smart city development. The playbooks were developed based on a survey and interviews with a regionally representative sample of cities.


Visit the People-centered smart cities programme web page for more details.