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26 April 2021

Smart city Privacy: Enhancing Collaborative Transparency in the Regulatory Ecosystem (SPECTRE)


The SPECTRE research project investigates data governance challenges in smart cities through the lenses of law, communication science and economics as part of a four year project. The interdisciplinary nature of the project offers the possibility to develop legally sound, sustainable, and realistic guidelines with respect to data governance in the context of the smart city.    

The current study focuses on data protection costs in the context of public procurement of smart city services in the European Union. The main aim is to investigate whether these data protection costs are a potentially important factor influencing competition for tenders of smart city services.

Smart city service providers that have competed in a public procurement procedure have the opportunity to participate in this study and contribute to its outcome by filling out a 7-minute survey. The suvey can be found here

Respondents will be able to gain concrete and actionable insights to the study. In order to receive these insights, there is an opportunity to insert an email address at the end of the survey where the results of the study will be sent to free of charge. 

If you have questions about the project or the survey, please contact