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18 May 2021

Citizen engagement reconnecting the dots

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As we slowly try to recover from a long pandemic period and the economic crisis it has triggered, it becomes increasingly urgent to work for a more sustainable future addressing both socio-economic and environmental challenges.

Indeed multiple EU level policies, initiatives, funding programmes, along with the national Recovery plans are geared towards a combination of these objectives at different levels:  across Climate Neutral Cities Mission, the Green Deal, the New European Bauhaus and Smart Cities and Living in EU Policies,  there are increasing signals of a more and more concrete integration of citizen engagement, citizen participation and deliberation as key pillars, both as goals and leverages.

For such processes to scale up in Europe, small and medium as well as large cities are the natural playground, as they count for 75% of the EU population, and citizen engagement can function as a connecting-dots element that supports integrating these efforts and prevents working in silos.

The concept of urban intelligence in smart cities integrates engagement and empowerment of citizens and technologies and can offer platforms and tools to sustain and enable such processes.

The Citizen Focus Action Cluster Meeting of the Smart Cities Marketplace that will take place on 10th June will explore and discuss these issues through a dynamic roundtable with officials, experts/solution providers, city representatives and activists connected and active in the different above mentioned policies arenas. The online event will also give the opportunity to be updated on and engaged with the forthcoming action plans  of the Cluster and its Initiative. 

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