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05 July 2021

Action Cluster Meetings - Smart Cities Marketplace Forum 2021

Smart City

On day 2 of the Smart Cities Marketplace Forum 2021, the Action Clusters held six meetings on a number of topical subjects reflecting new developments in the field of smart cities

An Action Cluster is an assembly of partners committing to work on specific issues related to smart cities, by sharing the knowledge and expertise with their peers, giving added value to their national and local experience and identifying gaps that need to be fulfilled at European level. Each Action Cluster of the Smart Cities Marketplace is working on specific subtopics.

Watch the Action Cluster meetings on the Smart Cities Marketplace YouTube channel:

Action Cluster 1 - Business Models & Finance meeting - YouTube

Speakers of this session discuss the possiblity of pre-commercial procurement of solutions for 100 % renewable energy supply in buildings.  


Action Cluster 2 - Citizen Focus meeting - YouTube

This meeting puts citizen in the centre of attention for the connection of policy areas and objectives. How can citizens be engaged in lighthouse projects? The discussion not only involves ways to engage citizens but also to reach the youth. Furthermore, the panelists speak about the issue of funding for citizen engagement and the time it takes up for people to get involved in projects. The panelists also stress the need for scaling up projects and cross-city cooperation. 


Action Cluster 3 - Integrated Infrastructures and Processes meeting - YouTube

The panelists discuss data sharing, availability, and the importance of urban data for services such as public health during the Covid-19 crisis. What is the future of sharing data? A fully GDPR and decisoin-centered kind of data sharing.


Action Cluster 4 - Integrated Planning, Policy and Regulations meeting - YouTube

The meeting of the Action Cluster "Integrated Planning, Policy and Regulations" is about how it can contribute to the New European Bauhaus. There is a need to create beaufitul, inclusive and sustainable places in EU cities. The definition of these terms may vary across different European countries. 


Action Cluster 5 - Sustainable Built Environment meeting - YouTube

This meeting launches a new Initiative on nature-based Cities. One of the projects presented during this session, is the VARCITIES project that aims to put communities at the centre of future cities. It connects nature-based solutions to culture and scalable monitoring for evaluation and replicability of the project. Other topics include the incorporation of nature into cities and how this will influence the biodiversity positively.


Action Cluster 6 - Sustainable Urban Mobility meeting - YouTube

The panelists of this meeting discussed topics like electrifying public transport fleets of cities, shared charging stations, and shared mobility.