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07 February 2020

The Circular City Funding Guide is live!

This comprehensive online guide offers extensive information on (funding) the circular economy in the urban context. The project has been executed by PNO Consultants and Innovation Engineering under the Urban Agenda Partnership for Circular Economy. It is funded by the European Investment Advisory Hub, which is a partnership between the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Commission. Its 100+ funds, its circular case studies, and its educational information and library provide ample opportunities to enhance your knowledge on this subject.

Target audience
The guide has two main target groups, being fund-seekers and funders. Among fund-seekers are local governments, businesses, and other actors that are active in urban contexts, and among funders are financial organisations as well as public authorities that aim to set up a funding programme for circular projects. Just visit the guide on and take a stroll through the inspiring cases, contextual information and numerous funds.