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01 August 2018

How the ‘humble lamppost’ means smarter streets — a  collaboration between 5 city-clusters across Europe

How the ‘humble lamppost’ means smarter streets — a collaboration between 5 city-clusters across Europe
Chief Digital Officer for London, Theo Blackwell writes about a major European city initiative on smart infrastructure — but warns of lost EU tech funding in the future.

A group of 5  European cities are making a bold commitment to deploy smart technology on a grand scale: and at the heart of this is the ‘humble street lamppost.’

lamppostStreet lighting has long been a fundamental service provided by the municipal government. It ensures safe transport, makes cities safer and allows cities to look their best. However, there is so much more that can be done to ensure street lighting is able to serve citizens better.

Smart street lighting provides more than just light. In the future, city lampposts could charge electric vehicles, monitor a broad range of environmental issues such as noise and air quality, increase connectivity at a hyper-local area, improve public Wi-Fi and provide CCTV to improve public safety. Lampposts are also an important publicly-owned asset for the roll-out of 5G — which will require hundreds of thousands of small installations across London — in coming years. Read more...