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Webinar "Exploitable results from mySMARTLife"

Join the mySMARTLife team for a webinar on the exploitable results from the project and learn more about the activities in the “Lighthouse Cities” of Nantes, Hamburg and Helsinki.

This will be the first webinar in a series of four webinars addressing organisations and businesses that are interested in the further developing, buying or selling and distributing of the solutions provided by the three Lighthouse Cities and three Follower Cities within the mySMARTLife project.

The focus of this webinar will be on the following solutions: the Heat Demand Response Service introduced in the Lighthouse City Helsinki by the companies HELEN, FOURDEG and SALUSFIN, the public lighting projects in the Lighthouse City Nantes introduced by ENGIE and the Electric Power Tenant Supply in the Lighthouse City Hamburg, introduced by Energienetz Hamburg. Look also forward to the contribution of Ingo Friese, Expert at T-Labs Telekom Innovation Laboratories, who will introduce the Open Urban Platform of Telekom.


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