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Helsinki Energy Challenge: what alternatives to decarbonise heating systems

The City of Helsinki aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035. Currently, more than half of the city’s emissions originate from heating. Due to the cold climate, the heat demand in Helsinki is significant and has a strong correlation to outdoor temperatures. Today, more than half of the city’s district heat is produced with coal and more than 30 % with natural gas. Helsinki is committed to decarbonising its heating system and is, like many other cities, in need of radically new solutions to meet its heat demand and carbon neutrality goal.

To find the best future-proof solutions, the city organised the Helsinki Energy Challenge, an international, one-million-euro challenge competition. The competition was a year-long process and the learnings throughout this journey have been eye-opening for the city.

This second session will focus on the different solutions proposed by the winning and finalist teams.

Practical Details

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