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Action Cluster Meeting Integrated Planning, Policy and Regulations – Together, let’s SHAPE 2022 and EXPLORE opportunities!

The Action Cluster Integrated Planning, Policies and Regulation will give you an update on past activities and the current status of its Initiatives. These Initiatives are: ‘From Planning and Implementation to Replication’ with Initiative Leads Judith Borsboom, Christoph Gollner & Margit Noll, ‘Regulatory Frameworks’ with Initiative Leads Klaus Livik, Marit Myrstad, & Annemie Wykcmans as well as ‘Tools and standards for smart cities’ with Initiative Lead Bernard Gindroz. In addition, the Cluster headed by Simona Costa will have an interactive discussion on how the future looks for the AC and its Initiatives taking into account new technological, societal and political developments as the use of digital twins for integrated planning, and New European Bauhaus. Discussion will evolve on how these link to the Action Cluster activities and what new opportunities can be opened for the Initiatives. Register here to be part of the meeting.

Online only event