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Action Cluster Meeting Citizen Focus

In a time of urban transformation and digitalisation of smart cities to respond to climate change and demographic challenges, a risk is that too little attention is given to citizens. The Citizen Focus Action Cluster strongly believes in citizens as fundamental actors for the regeneration and development of intelligent communities. In the context of smarter cities, citizens can help local governments prioritise and respond by consistently offering inclusive ‘smart’ solutions attentive to contrast inequalities and existing divides. 

Smart Cities Marketplace Action Cluster Chair Maria Sangiuliano is hosting an online meeting of the Action Cluster Citizen Focus at 15 November 2021 from 15:00 to 17:00 h CET, that focuses on developing civic engagement and participation in smart cities and communities.

 Join to hear more about:

  • Policy updates on Smart Cities and Communities and related topics from the European Commission ;
  • A new Democratic Innovations Initiative broadening the scope and ambition of the former Participatory Budgeting group ;
  • An update of the initiative Citizen's Control of Personal Data, and on a forthcoming large event targeting cities to provide them with dedicated software and mechanisms to ease take-up of Citizen City plans towards updating the toolkit concepts and generating new project ideas ;
  • InnovateCity developments as the initiative became a sustainable foundation with 19 associated cities having plans to fund a digital platform with a CPB (Central Purchasing Body) embedded, in order to support joint procurement processes.
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