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Integrated Planning & Policy Regulation Action Cluster Meeting - October 2017

The EIP-SCC Integrated Planning & Policy Regulation Action Cluster works together with European cities, businesses, research institutes, and academia to pave the way for Smart and Sustainable Cities development. Overall, efforts go towards the implementation and design of smart cities strategies by making best use of capacity, monitoring and measuring tools with appropriate KPIs, and by enabling knowledge sharing and replication of successful cases.

Meeting Documents and Results

  1. Action Cluster Meeting Minutes 
  2. General Assembly Breakfast Outcome  

Next Steps 

The Smart City Guidance Package is expected to be finalised before the next General Assembly, which will be held in June 2018. Meanwhile, team members are working on refining and organising all the inputs that were gathered throughout the Workshop and the General Assembly Breakfast Discussions. Check our webpage and LinkedIn page regularly to be constantly updated on our activities.