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Action Grant

The Scalable Cities Action Grant is a financial tool to support the replication of measures already successfully tested in Smart Cities and Communities projects.

2nd Call for Proposals is now open!

The present second call for proposals addresses three main priority topics: 

a) Systemic changes in governance

b) Education, training and capacity building

c) Data and digitalization

This call seek to:

  • improve and optimise internal city governance structures, and/or;
  • support the transfer of knowledge from SCC projects to cities through the development and/or implementation of educational activities and programmes, and/or;
  • accelerate the digitalization of the energy sector which can help municipalities to lower their energy consumption, stimulate investments in renewable energy and ultimately lower energy bills.

The total envelope available for the present call is 336.000 EUR. The maximum grant amount for one project is EUR 50 000.

2nd call for proposal’s deadline: will stay open from 17th February until 31st May 2023

The following documents can be found as downloadable attachments: 

  • 2nd Call for Proposals document
  • Annex 1 Letter of political commitment
  • Annex 2 Application form template
  • Annex 3 Budget template
  • Annex 4 Final Reporting


About Action Grant

The Scalable Cities Action Grant financially supports cities and ad-hoc partnerships that wish to replicate measures that were successfully implemented through SCC projects to facilitate the transition towards climate neutrality.

The Scalable Cities Action Grant is implemented in collaboration with the European Commission and CINEA. The EC has set out a clear aim for Scalable Cities to deploy wide-scale, innovative, replicable and integrated solutions in the energy, transport, and ICT areas and to trigger large-scale economic investment with a view to transforming the market.

The Action Grant is organised through four calls for proposals with four deadlines, covering different topics. This call targets cities and related partners (local energy agencies, construction agencies, civil society organisations, research institutes) from completed Horizon 2020 SCC01 Lighthouse projects and/or external cities interested in replicating specific actions from those Scalable Cities projects.

Budget and Implementation

The indicative budget to be awarded in the period 2022 to 2024 is EUR 900 000 to fund around 20 to 30 projects, each with a duration up to 12 months.

The maximum grant amount for one project is EUR 50 000.

Applicants may submit proposals that have higher overall budgets, but the action grant may in no case exceed EUR 50 000 per project. In this case, applicants have to co-finance the difference.

How to apply?

Applications need to be submitted online through the dedicated Scalable Cities Action Grant management platform.

Register to the platform (external link)

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For any questions, please contact the Scalable Cities Secretariat. 


The 1st Call for proposals is closed. Selected project proposals are currently being implemented. Grants awarded:

Grants awarded: 

  1. Smart GreeNaa Project

    • Topic: Internal framework for developing innovative governance strategy supporting energy transition

    • City: Gabrovo, Bulgaria

    • Grant amount: EUR 20 000

  2. SYGOCONEM: Systemic Governance Change for Onda’s Net-Zero Missions

    • Topic: Development of a robust governance framework for decarbonization

    • City: Onda, Spain

    • Grant amount: EUR 19 575

  3. External Energy Management for Ukrainian Communities

    • Topic: Preparation of a replicable model solution for distantly organised EMS

    • Cities: Slavutych, Myrhorod, Novovolynsk, Volodymyr, Ukraine

    • Grant amount: EUR 49 666

  4. Connected Waltham Forest

    • Topic: Investment case for replicating the Urban Sharing Platforms

    • Cities: London, UK

    • Grant amount: EUR 24 750


Scalable Cities Action Grant: 2nd Call for Proposals.pdf
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Annex 1 Letter of Policital Commitment.docx
(13.31 KB - DOCX)
Annex 2 Application form template.docx
(16.89 KB - DOCX)
Annex 3 Budget template.xlsx
(26.45 KB - XLSX)
Annex 4 Final Reporting.docx
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