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Urban Air Mobility (UAM)





Main Goal: Putting urban mobility into the third dimension - the airspace (flying vehicles) 


Enabling efficient and effective mobility in urban areas is a key challenge. In the EU, traffic congestion currently costs almost €100 billion a year. The reason behind this initiative is to contribute to bringing urban mobility into the third dimension – the airspace (flying vehicles).

As such, this Initiative will offer a forum for diverse stakeholders already involved, or to be involved, in urban, and urban air, mobility at intra-city and inter-city level.

The expectation from this multi-stakeholder approach is the bringing together of the relevant communities to jointly work around city demonstration projects on accelerating all together UAM market update, increasing public acceptance, and sharing innovative ideas. From this perspective, it is expected that the UAM Initiative will enable the development of strong interfaces between, at least, the city/region, drone, transport and urban planning communities that will fuel the definition of a deployment strategy and roadmap for the next generation urban mobility featuring the air dimension. To this end, the central objective lies in launching practical demonstration projects by firstly matching European Smart Cities with interested stakeholders, and secondly, by raising financing from corresponding investment funds.

Status and Forward Plans

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First Phase 

(Q4, 2017 – Q2, 2018)

Inform about & Engage on demonstration projects: Create and involve a multi-stakeholder community around each committed city to define a demonstration project for smart mobility featuring UAM.

Second Phase

(Q2, 2018 – Q1, 2019)

Define & Prepare demonstration projects: Develop, qualify and articulate UAM business and service concepts towards integrated urban mobility solutions as part of a detailed demonstration project proposal. Decide on GO – NoGO based on partners’ commitment, project attractiveness and financing raised and secured.

Third Phase 

(Q1-Q4, 2019)

Run & Conclude demonstration projects: Organise execution of the actual demonstration projects across cities/regions. Derive lessons learnt from each demonstration project and make recommendations for a UAM deployment strategy and roadmap.

UAM Initiative Dissemination Events 

(in Q1, 2020)

Achievements and Way Forward.


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Urban Air Mobility Presentation by Vassilis Agouridas
(1.7 MB - PDF)
Canton of Geneva - UAM Initiative - Letter of support
(204.36 KB - PDF)
Mobility in the 3rd dimension - Ingolstadt region pioneering mobility solutions for inter-urban connectivity (DE)
(147.87 KB - PDF)
Urban Air Mobility Knowledge Wall Poster
(480.35 KB - PDF)
Drones Amsterdam Declaration
(630.09 KB - PDF)