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Tools for Decision-Making, Management & Benchmarking





Main Goal: Support the establishment of a measurement framework for policy-makers and city authorities to monitor and report on smart cities’ projects.
This initiative focuses on the identification of decision-makers’ needs when entering into a smart and sustainable program for the city or community. We bring together commitments addressing these issues and expressing a need for tools. Together we analyse existing KPIs and we monitor the need for additional KPIs (including how to measure and collect data in such a way that comparison would be possible for replication and reporting purposes). In addition, we aim to develop a EU-harmonised standardisation. 
In this context, we work with all standardisation-related developments, both at EU level (CEN, CENELEC, ETSI, EU projects etc.) and globally (ISO, IEC, ITU), and thus contribute to coordinating initiatives and converging to common set of standards. To monitor gaps with available tools and define appropriate KPIs and the relation with standardisation issues.
Latest news 
Main efforts go towards the alignment of KPIs categories from major initiatives and standardisation development. We have agreed on 5 major themes: 

  •  PPPGR : People, Planet, Prosperity, Governance, Replication & Scalability 

And on 4 main KPI categories, covering KPIs for:

  • Decision Making & investing
  • Program Management & Evaluation (Improvement) 
  • Project Evaluation-benchmarking
  • Reporting and Communication

The initiative has contributed to the drafting of the Smart Cities Guidance Package, detailing KPIs and Benchmarking Tools to be consistently used at the project level by cities.


Bernard Gindroz
Initiative Lead

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Tools For Decision Making, Management and Benchmarking Infographic
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Integrated Planning & Policy Regulation Action Cluster Meeting - October 2017 - Agenda
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Smart Cities Guidance Package: Introductory document and methodological note - Nordic Edge Expo 28/09/2017, Stavanger
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Tools for decision-making, management & benchmarking Knowledge Wall Poster
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