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Smart Cities Marketplace


The Smart Cities Marketplace is a major market-changing undertaking supported by the European Commission bringing together cities, industries, SMEs, investors, researchers and other smart city actors. The community consists of a number of action clusters and initiatives with a variety of activities to help shape the market for smart cities in Europe. The community is governed by its charter

General enquiries about how to join the action clusters and initiatives of the marketplace can be sent here.

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Action Clusters

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An Action Cluster is an assembly of partners committing to work on specific issues related to smart cities, by sharing the knowledge and expertise with their peers, giving added-value to their national and local experience and identifying gaps that need to be fulfilled at European level.

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An Initiative pools the work of the various partners around a particular objective, promoting learning beyond project and geographic borders, and opening the results to the world at large. Links with EU-funded projects allow results to be consumed by the thousands of people active on the Marketplace. Each Initiative is led by an Action Cluster.

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